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LeMans Motorsport EuroSaloons

The 2003 AutoItalia season was something of an unfortunate year for the series as unusually low grid entries meant that it fell below the minimum requirements for the BRSCC. The massive accident at the end of 2002 had destroyed the cars of a number of regular drivers leaving them with lengthy, expensive repairs that in most cases meant that a 2003 entry was totally unfeasible. Still the competition was as hot as ever with the series title fight going right to the last round.

For 2004 the AutoItalia regulations have been modified to allow the entry of other european marques the basis being that it would be moved to the umbrella of the BRSCC saloon car championship. The initial entry list shows a certain level of reserve among some of the regulars as they wait to see what the standard of driving is for the new series. The goalposts have moved somewhat too with the regulations encouraging the use of old, privately owned touring cars. The result is expected to be more more like the Japanese GT series where GT cars race alongside sportscars and saloons. The potential performance differential is even larger than previously witnessed and one of the big changes is the loss of the reverse grid while the rolling start is retained to help reduce the potential for incident.

Castle Combe Special GT

The Castle Combe GT series is a world away from AutoItalia and EuroSaloons although it does share the anything goes ethos but takes it much, much further. With just a single circuit to work with for the entire series it is vital to get the car setup just right without compromise for other venues. Sadly Castle Combe is missing from the EuroSaloons calendar so any advantages gained from running in the CCGT series will be reduced in value.

Regarded as something of a local prestige series for the Wiltshire circuit the GT series is packed with some formidable cars capable of laping at speeds that would seem unattainable for other series that race there. Entry into this series for myself is likely dependent on how well the car performs in EuroSaloons in the first half of the year and whether or not another X1/9 race project makes it off the ground. The plan is for three (or more if we can find them) X1/9s to enter the series together. So far it is looking very hopeful but time will tell.