The Lair.Sitelinks

Race Series:

BRSCC - The British Racing Sports Car Club, the motorclub behind both the Castle Combe Special GT series and the LeMans Motorsports Euro Saloons series.

LeMans Motorsport - Sponsors of the Euro Saloons series, also suppliers of motorsport spares and equipment.

Castle Combe - Organisers of the Castle Combe Special GT series.


Nyssa Racing - Trevor Nicosia's own view and archive of the auto italia series from the past four years.

General Motoring:

Pistonheads - One of the largest online motoring communities in the world and a great source of information and humour.

Sporting Fiats Club - When it comes to enthusiastic support of Fiat motorcars there is little to touch this club.

X1/9 Owners Club - Otherwise known as X-heads anonymous...


Demon Tweeks - One of the UK's biggest suppliers of parts, tools and equipment for motorsport and road cars.

Rally Design - Another of the UK's big suppliers.